In-house outshore developer team


We know sounds funny but its a reality. With ByYuto have your own complete and top developer team, that fits your needs. You will have entire on-demand resources, committed to the success of your platform. Specialists certificated with the MIT innovation program, top-level user experience designers, and high-quality developers.

A fully empowered team focused on delivering valuable software, making business transform exponentially.


Developer team

A full developer team, to achive the goals in excellence, needs always a tech leader and a project manager. We include them on the same fix hour rate.

Choose what you need, the time you need base on your on-demand needs and objectives.

Tech leader

UX/UI designers


Project Manager



Clients requested
  • Web Dashboards / software
  • UX/UI design
  • Web Apps
  • Mobile Apps
  • Web sites
  • E-commerce


Technologies and language
  • Google Maps
  • Facebook Login
  • Stripe
  • Ship Station
  • ReactJs
  • Synphony
  • Phone Verification
  • Google Analytics
  • Pixel Facebook
  • Paypal
  • Swift
  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • Mailchimp
  • Sales Force
  • Blink Id
  • Java
  • React Native
  • Corona


when ByYuTo is your dev team

Focus on your business

While we focus on your development needs. We aling whit your bussines goals

In-house dev team

Have all benefits to have an in-house team fot the middle of price

On-demand needs

Just pay for the needs you have every week. The workload can change as you please

Just one hour rate

ByYuto change a compound fix hour rate that always includes a PM and an a tech leader



MIT certificate innovation process

All our knowledge received from MIT, is highly offer to you. It will be used to guarantee a successful and scalable business, with this process we will build a smarter strategy that radically launches your idea to the sky.

  • Generating ideas out of problems – PMR
  • Identifying and profiling your potential customers
  • Defining the sales process
  • Identifying Market Services
  • Defining products specifications
  • Designing a business model


Design process

The look and feel of your app is the prime connection between your users and the app experience. We aim to make strong and confident engaged.

Our Desing Team is constantly imporving and exploring new and innovating desing ideas in the app world. So, let the world be amazed by your app desing.


Branding logo needs personality and feeling, is the first thing to see and the last one to remember.

Prototyping and Testing

Achieve the perfect app, is a continue improving cycle until you reach the glorious moment when the users make that priceless

UI Desing

Like a perfect song, the interface design is the right cue for UX. We love to see user engage with our innovative designs.

UX Desing

A fluid App… that´s when you use the App for the first time but feels like you had been using it for long time. It´s the expression made mobile.



Just like making a new spectacular dish, we carefully choose all the necessary ingredients to make your product the most accurate one.

A perfect architecture and impeccable coders are just as important like the leadership of the PM that syncs the project the way your road map was planned, everyone has to connected to hand over the best results.

“Big no longer eats small — fast eats slow”

Sprint Objectives

Having in mind the agile methodology,  every two weeks we aim with you, the development goals. Every two weeks you will have something new to your customers. Every two weeks your business evolves.

QA Process

To a final and high-quality product, we code automated tests that catch bugs that eyes can`t, this is the way we can secure stable future software. Achieve the perfect software, is a continue improving cycle.

Software Architecture

In the team that you will be hiring, there is always include a lead developer. He makes the architecture of the developments and has a full understanding of the project. That ensures fluid communication between you and developers.

Diarly scrums and tracking system

We have a detail tracking platform in which you can have a complete scope of the advance of the project goals.


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Our Team


Committed with your success.

We had made great mobile app developments, results-driven websites, user-friendly platforms. But, most important we guide you, we teach you, we innovate with you.


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