Actumm is a business consulting company that wants to create a suite of digital products for its clients. We are in an area of digital transformation and Actumm wants to be the company that offers this Consulting Services enhancement by digital tools.

So we create two products that Actumm can offer to clients to make easier, faster, and more accurate, the services they already did in a manual way. Those products are, Productivity Reports and  Digital Transformation Business Analysis.



Made for them

Market research

We found the best approach to introduce their business strategy model.

UX/UI Design

We design a catchy and immersive flow for the super admin, the consultants, and the employees users.

Super admin dashboard

The super admin users can create companies, can assign versions of the suite of products to each company, can manage the users, the employees, and the reports.

Productivity app

All employees of a company can have access to an app in which they can assign points to each activity they do on the company. The platform analyzes this data and builds reports in seconds! consultants use this to create the proceedings.

Digital transformation app

The other product of the suite is a  measurement app. The employees answer a form and the software analyzes the data to give a quick report of the level of digital transformation of the company.



This technologies
  • React JS
  • React Native
  • Graph JS
  • Node JS
  • MongoDB
  • Firebase Auth




Autumm is now one of the most innovative suite of products for consultant businesses. With this platform, consultants said that Actumm saves them tons of time to recollect data and make it easier to analyze in real-time what is happening in the companies.

Actually, companies love this, because before, they have to reunite all employees in one single moment and nowadays with home office is impossible to do. Actumm is a tool that enables to analyze the company as simple as 4 clicks.



Increase your productivity