Hoy+ is a company involved in the transportation business and wants to make a digital wallet for all truck drivers.

With this wallet drivers can pay for the fuel at gas stations, can withdraw money by Efecty, can require a consignation on their bank accounts, can send money to other drivers, etc.

It is a complete solution to manage all fluid of money beginning in the transportation companies that pay to drivers, to the different complementary business around transportation.



Made for them

Market research

We found the best approach to introduce their business strategy model.

Super admin Dashboard

Admins have a Web Dashboard to manage all the business. Here they can operate all transportation companies, all allies, all drivers, all transactions, all invoices, etc.

Allies Mobile App

The gas stations also have their own app, with it they can charge drivers for the fuel or different products they offer.

UX/UI desing

We design a catchy and immersive flow for the users.

Drivers Mobile app

Drivers have an app to controls their money. Can pay for fuel, can withdraw and send money, can see the location of all allies, etc.

Transportation companies dashboard

They can send money to their driver’s fleet. Can manage the invoices with Hoy+, can manage their fleet.



This technologies
  • React Native
  • Reactjs
  • Google Maps
  • Firebase authentication
  • Nodejs
  • MongoDV




Hoy+ is the pioneer in South America, to develop this amazing platform. It involves all the transportation cycle, all the entities around this cycle have their own digital tool that allows them to manage their business in the most effective way.

Drivers nowadays have a unique way to manage their money, and transportation companies make more effective all their payments processes.


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