UX/UI design, Web and mobile development

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UX/UI design, Web and mobile development

Over 10+ years of experience we create bast knowledge and protocols to bring ideas to successful projects.

We drive growth and profit through our service quality

UX/UI Design

We innovate the UI by opening the boundaries of the UX (User experience) outside of the box. The look and feel of your app is the first connection between your users and your business. We aim to make strong and confident engaged.

# Customer research
# Design systems
# Prototyping
# User testing

Web and Mobile Development

Thanks to our continued growth in web development knowledge, strong protocols, and magnificent human teamwork. Our development results speak for themselves, as reliable, scalable, efficient, and outstanding products.

#Frontend (React – React Native)
#Backend (Node.js – Phyton – MongoDB)
#DevOps (AWS – Google Cloud)
#Data analitycs (Cube.js)

why byyuto?

Minimize risk, optimize budget and get great results.

Compound hour

Our compound hour unites the developer and all the other team members, at a single rate.
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With our protocols, you can have reliable results every two weeks. Speed and quality are our commitments.
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For a Startup

Because we know how to get your MVP idea into a scalable and robust reality.

For a medium-sized company

Our services are perfect for that project that your company needs but your full team is currently working on something else.

Why us vs hire your own team?

Why waste your time and money on learning and managing a tech team? Let us handle all team aspects while you focus on growing your business.

Why us and not a Freelancer?

Always the same story, "The freelancer just disappears and we are stuck" Don't risk your business idea on a single person's work time.

compound hour

Hire a full development team on a single compound rate hour.

Save time and money with our compound hour. You do not need to worry about managing more staff, more payments, or more idle times.

Process – how we work together

Results every two weeks.


We plan with you every step and goal of each sprint.

By using an Agile methodology, we can develop faster and deliver results each sprint. You will be able to track every task status daily.

Our protocols minimize delays, bugs, and roadblocks. Also, it pushes the efforts to maximize the project budget.


Flexible team size each sprint.

You decide the speed with our packages. Upgrade or downgrade 1 sprint before starting a new one.


Our Packages:
A. 40 hours per sprint (1 dev half-time)
B. 80 hours per sprint (2 devs half-time or 1 dev full-time)
C. 120 hours per sprint (1 dev full-time + 1 dev half-time)
D. 160 hours per sprint (2 devs full-time)


Need a bigger team? We can set up something special for you.


Invoices detail the development hours we spend on each task.


Transform your business exponentially.

Hire your service at a single package value

You don’t have to hire a full-time team in-house to develop your idea. With Byyuto, you have everything in a single place.

A single line of communication

You will have a Project Owner to keep track of every detail of your project. The PO will handle all internal communications.

Make your business grow

With Byyuto you can focus on growing your business, we take care of your technology needs.

Flexible team size

You can decide each sprint how many developers will be working on your project.

Qualified team

Experience with a work team of more than 10+ years. All of our developers are Mid or Senior.


Our Work

Oversight by Sivil

LA – California – USA

Case Management system for oversight agencies. SAAS platform whit data analytics reports.

UX/UI design | Web development



App and web companion for League of Legends Game in which users can participate in challenges.

UX/UI design | Web and mobile development


London – uk

Tailor-made platform new generation blog for buskers around the world.

Frontend development


New york – USA

Generator lead management for a fintech company in the loans industry.

UX/UI design | Web development



Rate app for public services in the USA. It generates scores for each city base on user data collected.

UX/UI design | Mobile development



UX/UI design | Web and mobile development

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